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Past Incidents

22nd April 2021

Los Angeles DC-02 DC02LAXKVM69 - Network Related Incident

We are investigating a networking related issue with DC02LAXKVM69.

During this time, network access to VM's may not be available (or degraded).

UPDATE: We are aware of degraded network performance for VM's hosted on DC02LAXKVM69 which might be related to a bad network cable connection. We are working to replace the network cable connections to this server in order to correct the problem.

UPDATE #2: This incident is resolved. The network cable connections to node DC02LAXKVM69 have been replaced, and network performance is now back to normal.

21st April 2021

No incidents reported

20th April 2021

No incidents reported

19th April 2021

No incidents reported

18th April 2021

No incidents reported

17th April 2021

Atlanta Datacenter Emergency Maintenance on ATL102KVM

Our proactive monitoring has indicated that a potential CPU chip fault on the node: ATL102KVM. This may be causing CPU related performance degradation to some VM's.

During this emergency maintenance event we will be re-applying thermal paste and re-seating both of the processors on the node, as well as using this as an opportunity to perform a BIOS update to the physical host node.

Due to the nature of the issue causing symptoms that could be negatively impactful to production, we will be proceeding with this emergency maintenance as soon as possible (within approximately one hour from the time of this message). During this maintenance, access to your VM may be unavailable for up to 2 hours, though, we will do everything in our power to expedite and to restore services as soon as humanly possible.

We will be updating our status page at - please follow this page for updates. Upon the completion of this maintenance we will be posting an update on the status page. Please feel free to open a support ticket in your client area if you have any questions or concerns regarding this emergency maintenance event.

UPDATE: We have successfully re-applied thermal paste and re-seated the processors at this time, and VM's are now back online on ATL102KVM. We will need to schedule one more maintenance next week to wrap this up. We will email all customers on ATL102KVM again to schedule another maintenance window at that time.