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3rd June 2021

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2nd June 2021

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1st June 2021

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31st May 2021

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30th May 2021

Los Angeles DC-05 Los Angeles DC-05 - Network Routing Issue

We are aware that some end-users may be experiencing symptoms of intermittent network connectivity for servers hosted out of our Los Angeles DC-05 location. This issue appears to be a network routing related issue affecting only one of our /24's in this location.

This network related issue has been escalated upstream and network engineers are actively looking into the problem.

UPDATE: This was an RPKI related issue impacting a single /24 IP range in Los Angeles DC-05 (no other IP ranges were affected). The RPKI issue has now been corrected upstream on this IP range at this time. The range is now responding perfectly fine to approximately 95% of the world, but ~5% are still awaiting propagation before routes will begin to respond from those locations. We will leave this incident open for the time being, until propagation has completed globally - but chances are, you should be back online and all set now.

UPDATE #2: The range appears to now be propagating globally without any issues. If you are still experiencing any issues, or if you have any questions, please submit a support ticket in your client area. We will now be marking this incident as resolved.