10th October 2021

Atlanta Datacenter Update regarding ATLRYZEN100 (One Ryzen KVM VPS Host Node in Atlanta)

We are aware of the recent reboots pertaining to one Ryzen KVM VPS host node in Atlanta, named: ATLRYZEN100.

While the node is currently online and VM's are accessible - our senior system administrators are currently working together internally to properly identify and implement a permanent resolution towards this matter. We have already rolled out some live patches, on the host-node level that we believe may help with the symptoms this host node is experiencing.

At the moment, it is not confirmed if the recent issues are as a result of a failed hardware component, such as a faulty RAM DIMM. If our system administrators identify an issue that is related to the physical hardware components on this server, we will notify affected customers via e-mail with a planned downtime window for us to correct/replace the faulty hardware component, if any.

Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this matter.

UPDATE: We will be performing a maintenance for RAM replacement on ATLRYZEN100 which we believe to be the permanent solution for this issue going forward. Affected customers have been sent an e-mail with additional information.