25th January 2022

Chicago Datacenter Outage - CHIRYZEN105

We are aware that CHIRYZEN105 is currently experiencing connectivity issues. We are currently looking into this node further and will provide additional updates on this matter once we have more information.

UPDATE: We're aware of some VM's on this host node not booting up, and are currently looking into this.

UPDATE: We have VM's back online for the time being. However, we have detected that one of the NVMe's on this server are no longer being detected by the OS, this can cause temporary I/O degradation. We are going to have facility hands take this server down shortly to rectify this. Once facility hands takes the server offline physically to work on correcting this, you may notice your VM's go offline again for a short period of time. Rest assured, we'll do everything possible to keep downtime to a minimum.

UPDATE: Facility hands (on-site team) is working on this now.

UPDATE: This is now resolved. If you are still experiencing any issues please open a support ticket and we'd be happy to assist.