15th April 2022

San Jose Datacenter SJ102KVM, SJ116KVM, SJ117KVM, SJ144KVM,SJ131KVM,SJ141KVM,SJ126KVM,SJ123KVM,SJ132KVM,SJ136KVM,SJ139KVM,SJ150KVM -- Degraded Network Performance

We are currently investigating a network carrier level related issue with some San Jose VPS nodes of ours: SJ102KVM, SJ116KVM, SJ117KVM,SJ144KVM,SJ131KVM,SJ141KVM,SJ126KVM,SJ123KVM,SJ132KVM,SJ136KVM,SJ139KVM,SJ150KVM

Services hosted within these nodes are online and accessible, but may experience degraded performance. Network engineers upstream are actively working on these nodes.

Updates:' We are still working on it.

UPDATE: This is now resolved. If you are still experiencing any issues please open a support ticket and we'd be happy to assist.