1st May 2022

Strasbourg Datacenter FR1000 ( Shared/Reseller Hosting Server in Strasbourg, France)

We are aware that FR1000 ( Shared/Reseller Hosting Server in Strasbourg, France) is currently experiencing network connectivity issues. We are currently looking into this node further and will provide additional updates on this matter once we have more information.

UPDATE: This issue is still being worked on. This appears to be a sophisticated attack targeted towards this server only. The issue has been escalated to our upstream provider for further analysis and mitigation.

Rest assured, we're working to get this fully resolved in the quickest manner possible.

UPDATE: We are still working towards a full mitigation of this attack as it appears to have resurfaced. We will update this status incident with more information once available.

UPDATE: This is now resolved, however, we are still actively monitoring the status of this server in order to ensure of its stability. We will move this status incident to "Watching" status for now, however, your websites should be online and loading quickly now. After the server has been confirmed to be stable for some time, we will graduate this status incident to "fixed" and mark it as fully resolved. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

UPDATE: Network engineers are actively following up on this. You may notice some intermittent connectivity while they work towards applying a permanent fix.

UPDATE: Network engineers have fixed the network mitigations. We are currently monitoring the network stats on the server.

UPDATE : We have completely resolved the attack which hit towards our server network with the help of Network Engineers and the server is running fine without any interruptions or outages. If you are still experiencing any issues please open a support ticket and we'd be happy to assist.

UPDATE: It looks like another type of attack has now surfaced. Network engineers are now working on mitigating this pattern.

UPDATE: Good news! We were able to resolve the latest attack, and the server has been stable for the past 2 hours and counting. Since the server has been in a stable state for some time, we are graduating this status incident to a "Watching" status as we continue to closely monitor the status of this server. However, for the meantime, your websites should be online and loading. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to open a support ticket to let us know. After additional time has passed, we will be closing out this status incident and marking it as fully resolved.

UPDATE: We will be marking this incident as fully resolved. We are always here to help, feel free to open a support ticket if you have any questions, or if you are still experiencing any issues.