2nd May 2022

Strasbourg Datacenter FR1000 (One Shared/Reseller Hosting Server in Strasbourg, France)

One of our shared hosting servers in Strasbourg, "FR1000" looks to be under a sophisticated type of DDoS attack once again, this time the attacks and patterns are different (as intended by an attacker). We are doing everything we can, and doing the best to mitigate this attack to resume normal operations.

During this time, while we analyze and mitigate the latest attack, you may experience intermittent connectivity to your sites hosted on this server. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

UPDATE: Progress is being made on our side, however, the attack patterns are changing. Network engineers are on standby and working to adapt our mitigation solutions accordingly whenever new patterns are targeted towards this server.

UPDATE: Please note that if you are using a third party monitoring service, you may receive false positive alerts. We recommend pausing any monitoring services for the meantime (at least until the attack is fully mitigated). This is because we have enabled elevated mitigation efforts including disabling ICMP ping and connection throttling which could trigger false positives to automated monitoring probes.

We're still working on this and will share additional updates once available. In the meantime, you'll experience intermittent connectivity.

UPDATE: Websites should be loading now. We will continue to monitor this before closing out this incident as resolved.

UPDATE: We have finally managed to resolve all the outages that happened on the FR1000 server due to sophisticated DDOS attacks. If you are still experiencing any issues please open a support ticket and we'd be happy to assist.