22nd January 2021

Dallas Datacenter Emergency Maintenance on DAL102KVM

Our proactive monitoring has indicated that a problematic RAM DIMM module on the node: DAL102KVM. This may be causing performance degradation and/or unexpected reboots to some VM's.

Replacing the faulty RAM module on this server will resolve this issue.

Due to the nature of the issue causing symptoms that could be negatively impactful to production, we will be proceeding with this emergency maintenance as soon as possible. During this maintenance, access to your VM may be unavailable for up to one hour, though, we will do everything in our power to expedite and to restore services as soon as humanly possible.

Upon the completion of this maintenance we will be posting an update on this status event. Please feel free to open a support ticket in your client area if you have any questions or concerns regarding this emergency maintenance event.

UPDATE: This is now completed, and VM's that reside on this host node are now booting back up.