31st January 2021

Los Angeles DC-02 Los Angeles DC-02 -- Any2 & CenturyLink Temporarily Disabled from BGP Blend

Due to CoreSite performing an unannounced maintenance to our upstream's Any2 port in LA, Any2 peering has been temporarily disabled from the Los Angeles DC-02 network blend. In addition, CenturyLink was also temporarily removed from the Los Angeles DC-02 network blend as it was experiencing similar symptoms as a result of this maintenance.

Services in Los Angeles DC-02 are operational and running as we have a multi-homed network, but if you are accustomed to your network routes typically going thru Any2 and/or CenturyLink, you may notice that these routes have been temporarily shifted to another carrier in our blend, such as NTT.

We are keeping a close eye and monitoring this situation. Once Any2 and CenturyLink are stable again, we will proceed with adding these back to our BGP blend.

UPDATE: Any2 peering connectivity has been restored in Los Angeles DC-02.